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Castello Villasor

Villasor is a small town of 7,000 inhabitants located in the centre of the Campidano plain, 25kms north of Cagliari, located adjacent to the main railway line to Cagliari, with excellent access to main routes leading south, west and north of the island.

The climate is typically Mediterranean, winter temperatures are mild and rarely drop below zero, whilst in summer temperatures are around 30/35°.

The climate, fertile soil and water resources have naturally led to the growth and development of agriculture across the plain, and Villasor is one of Sardinia's most leading agricultural centres.

Piazza Matteotti is the town’s centre and also home of the town hall, just a short walk from Garibaldi House, which overlooks the principal church of San Biagio. Other places of interest are Piazza Convento where the Church of Sant 'Antioco is located and Viale Repubblica, recently renovated, which is the meeting place for the local young people. We look forward to welcoming you to our town.

 Ingresso Villasor

 Viale Repubblica a Villasor

 Pineta su Padru Villasor

 zona verde Villasor

Come and experience our warm hospitality and beautiful countryside!

Places of interest in and around Villasor

From Villasor you can reach easily and in a short time both by public transport and by car to the main towns of the province of Cagliari. The surrounding areas of Villasor territories are rich and green countryside that you can visit to enjoy hiking in the open air.

It 's very interesting the area of Villacidro, just a few minutes drive, full of granite rocks and lush vegetation of cysts, mastic and phillyrea and ideal for day trips, hiking or outdoor sport activity in mountain. In Villacidro you can visit the waterfalls de Sa Spendula, Piscin'Irgas, Muru Mannu.

 Escursione Villacidro

 Escursione Villacidro in bici

Montagne di Villacidro

 Foto del mare di Cagliari

Monuments in Villasor

Castello medievale di Villasor

Situated in the centre of the village, the "Alagon Fortress, better known as "Siviller Castle " built in 1415 is a rare example of Sardinian civil and military architecture in Sardinia.

Parrocchia di Villasor

The San Biagio Church ("La Parrocchia di San Biagio") built in the first half of 1400 in late Gothic-Aragonese style and renovated in the late 1700s and early 1800s.

Pineta su Padru

Spend a pleasant day in the "La Pineta su Padru”, a pine wood located 4 Km away – it boasts cycling and jogging tracks and a picnic area with tables, benches and a water fountain.

Chiesa Santa Vitalia

The Saint Vitalia church ("La Chiesa di Santa Vitalia"), built 1894-95. This Saint’s festival is the most important in the village’s calendar and is celebrated the second Sunday in October.

Chiesa Sant'Antioco

The Church of Sant 'Antioco (1630), built in the old district called "On Guventu", next to the former convent of the Capuchins.

Convento cappuccini villasor

The former Capuchin convent, built in 1630 and recently renovated.


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