Launch and Dinner

Lunch and Dinner at the Restaurant Alexander located 10 meters from the Affittacamere Garibaldi

The Restaurant Alexander offers a menu at reasonable prices valid for both lunch and dinner with a variety of options to choose

Ristorante Villasor

Lunch and dinner can be provided as an optional extra at reasonable prices served in the Alexander restaurant, located 10 metres from the hotel.

A set menu is offered at both lunch and dinner, there are three choices of first course and 3 choices of main course, menu changes daily, and includes vegetables, fruit, water and coffee.

Ristorante Villasor Piatto 1

Ristorante Villasor Piatto 2

Ristorante Villasor Piatto 3

Ristorante Villasor Piatto 4

Ristorante Villasor Piatto 5

Ristorante Villasor Piatto 6

Ristorante Villasor Piatto 7

Ristorante Villasor Piatto 8


Le suites

Each suite is 45sq mts with a large living room with a private bathroom, a bedroom...

Rates & Services

Tariffe e servizi dell'Hotel

The suites are equipped with air conditioning, Internet and Wifi, TV, microwave oven ....


Dove siamo

Garibaldi House is located in Via Garibaldi no. 6 in Villasor, in a side street off Via Felice Serra ...

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Visitare Villasor

Villasor is a small town of 7,000 inhabitants located in the centre of the Campidano plain, 25kms north of Cagliari...


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